Homefront Pictures

welcome home

Oklahoma raised, Los Angeles based. Homefront Pictures is a multi-award winning film production company whose goal is straightforward: provide a home to great storytelling from inception to distribution while staying on the forefront of the evolving industry. 



The Crew

Alex Greenlee  

The writer and director of the crew; Alex guides his ideas through the entire creative process from inception to distribution. Upon graduating college, he packed up his bags and headed to Los Angeles where he began instantly working on an array of Netflix originals, mainstream music videos, Hollywood blockbusters and everything in between. He lives with his wife Jade and puppy Atticus in Century City. 


Todd Greenlee

Our editing pro. Before moving to Hollywood, Todd started in the booming New Orleans film scene where he worked primarily on multiple wide release films. He’s proficient in Final Cut, sound editing, color correction and storyboarding, which shows in his resume that includes everything from music videos to big budget features. 


Adam Greenlee

After working his way through the ad agency life, Adam ventured into the more promising digital space in California to be closer to both the booming tech scene and film industry. He acts as both a producer and writer on projects, as well as marketing efforts.